IRC log of fenfire on 2005-04-07

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06:31:09 [tuukkah]
here I am, waiting for the lecture :-)
06:31:45 [ibid]
in the auditorium?
06:32:12 [tuukkah]
06:34:33 [ibid]
korppi says there is no reservation of the aud
06:35:47 [tuukkah]
there's some bug in it or something. it showed the same last week and for the following weeks, but if you go see the auditorium reservation list, it's reserved for the course each week
06:36:04 [ibid]
yeah, i just did :)
06:36:28 [ibid]
i suppose it's just a case of the reservation being disconnected from the course in korppi
06:36:30 [tuukkah]
besides, as there isn't another reservation and I was here first ... :-)
06:36:41 [ibid]
matti should be able to correct that
06:37:56 [tuukkah]
unless he has better things to do than fight with the software
06:38:09 [ibid]
that does not alter his ability to do it :)
06:38:27 [ibid]
i suppose i could come down too
06:39:41 [rubberpaw]
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07:38:17 [rubberpaw]
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07:43:29 [benja_]
argl, I'm much too late :-(
07:43:41 [ffdarcsbot]
libvob: Benja Fallenstein <>, fixes to make CanvasSpatialView work more
07:43:50 [ffdarcsbot]
libvob: Benja Fallenstein <>, add check for null key
07:43:55 [benja_]
will be there for last part of lecture
07:43:58 [ffdarcsbot]
libvob: Benja Fallenstein <>, don't thow error when detecting a 'cycle in hashtable' -- not a fix, just hiding a problem, I guess :-(
07:47:44 [ffdarcsbot]
fenfire: Benja Fallenstein <>, fixes to CanvasSpatialView, can click to move now but often gives exceptions
08:19:00 [tuukkah]
benja_, no problem, we're doing fine
08:26:11 [benja_]
tuukkah, it's fine, it's fine, I'll just look at the pictures =)
08:26:31 [tuukkah]
oh, we can have a translation service here :-)
08:26:53 [benja_]
ok, so what's janne talking about? :)
08:27:03 [babel]
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08:27:17 [babel]
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08:27:37 [babel_janne]
this is the implementation of jagged edges
08:28:00 [benja_]
took me a moment to understand the name ;-)
08:28:15 [benja_]
so what do the shades of gray mean?
08:28:18 [babel_janne]
we start with a square, then create an irregular shape
08:28:35 [babel_janne]
they are like a 3d height map
08:28:55 [babel_janne]
and some level of grey is choosen to be "water level"
08:29:05 [babel_janne]
lower than that is transparent
08:29:09 [benja_]
ah, I was wondering why I caught a 'vesi' :)
08:29:21 [babel_janne]
and now to last subject...
08:29:24 [benja_]
so how is the map generated?
08:29:35 [babel_janne]
random basicly
08:30:09 [babel_janne]
zigzag structure was more restricted
08:30:13 [babel_janne]
(the zigzag axiom)
08:30:50 [babel_janne]
it meant that nodes had a pretty fixed place in the vie
08:30:51 [babel_janne]
08:31:05 [benja_]
08:31:17 [babel_janne]
so there were complex connections
08:31:53 [babel_janne]
so it can be difficult to see how they go
08:32:23 [babel_janne]
it would be better to layout so that connections don't cross, but in zigzag we couldn't
08:32:40 [babel_janne]
so the solution was fillets
08:32:56 [babel_janne]
and fillet is a term from molding
08:33:39 [babel_janne]
so we did an experiment with several visualisations
08:35:24 [babel_janne]
the subjects were asked to find the irregular connection on screen
08:35:41 [babel_janne]
and with fillets, the amount of nodes didn't affect much the time to do this
08:36:09 [rubberpaw]
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08:36:15 [babel_janne]
but this experiment might have shown more advance than there really is
08:36:29 [babel_janne]
the experiment with arbitrary graphs isn't finished yet
08:36:36 [benja_]
heh, I hadn't seen that demo before
08:36:42 [benja_]
neat =)
08:38:04 [babel_janne]
fillets take a lot of screen space
08:38:44 [benja_]
08:38:52 [benja_]
huh :)
08:39:28 [babel_janne]
I think the other demos on the background are making this slower
08:39:54 [babel_janne]
there are all details that can be smoothed out
08:40:02 [babel_janne]
and there are other effects
08:40:27 [babel_janne]
by accident, you can find interesting things, like this texture
08:45:11 [babel_janne]
so these are related to fenfire so that we needed these technologies for a usable user interface
08:45:32 [babel_janne]
fillets aren't related to identity directly
08:45:43 [babel_janne]
babel_janne is now known as babel_audience
08:45:52 [babel_audience]
ok, now I understand why it looks so bad
08:45:59 [babel_audience]
so it's more usable
08:46:06 [babel_audience]
babel_audience is now known as babel
08:46:09 [benja_]
mv babel_audience babel_matti
08:47:17 [babel]
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08:47:24 [babel_matti]
you can try the legos if you want
08:47:37 [benja_]
ah :)
08:47:45 [babel_matti]
(sorry about the lag)
08:52:24 [vegai]
hmm, what looks bad?
08:52:38 [vegai]
the fillets?
08:57:11 [babel_matti]
babel_matti is now known as babel
08:58:32 [vegai]
09:00:42 [babel]
the speaker meant the fenpdf user interface as a whole
09:01:02 [vegai]
thank you
09:01:29 [babel]
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09:02:14 [tuukkah]
well, the translation service might also be useful for distance learners and for archival purposes :-)
09:02:56 [ffdarcsbot]
fenfire: Benja Fallenstein <>, fix
09:03:19 [tuukkah]
although I should ask jvk if the translation matched what he meant and benja_ if it helped follow the situation
09:03:28 [tuukkah]
hmm, one of these really nice commit messages
09:04:17 [tuukkah]
I used luminocity on the lecture to best humppake and his Mac ;-)
09:04:48 [tuukkah]
but, the lecture has transformed into lunch in Piato ->
09:13:16 [vegai]
09:49:40 [rubberpaw]
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09:55:55 [ibid]
vegai: which is correct, "you are I" or "you are me"?
09:56:32 [vegai]
you are me
09:56:35 [ibid]
09:56:42 [vegai]
or it's a trick question :)
09:56:43 [ibid]
's what we agreed on :)
09:56:45 [ibid]
thanks :)
09:56:49 [vegai]
yeah, ok
09:57:01 [ibid]
i was just making a joke about URI, and benja said it was ungrammatical :)
09:57:09 [vegai]
ah :)
09:58:25 [ibid]
i am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together
09:58:46 [vegai]
they're both incorrect, since I am not you.
09:58:52 [vegai]
(har har har)
09:59:31 [ibid]
yes, but that's semantic incorrectness, not grammatical :)
09:59:38 [vegai]
10:03:37 [benja_]
ibid, we did agree? nice :-)
10:04:36 [ibid]
10:04:50 [ibid]
i didn't make a big deal out of it
11:47:18 [ffdarcsbot]
libvob: Benja Fallenstein <>, add a lob that ignores all key events sent to it
12:43:12 [ffdarcsbot]
libvob: Benja Fallenstein <>, check arguments better, throw exceptions when not acceptable
12:46:55 [ffdarcsbot]
fenfire: Benja Fallenstein <>, check argument better, throw exception if not acceptable
12:47:01 [ffdarcsbot]
fenfire: Benja Fallenstein <>, remove crud
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14:08:39 [majukati]
14:17:11 [rubberpaw]
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14:26:24 [ffdarcsbot]
project: Matti J. Katila <>, Add third lecture notes.
14:32:44 [ffdarcsbot]
project: Matti J. Katila <>, link to main page
14:39:02 [ffdarcsbot]
project: Matti J. Katila <>, hups, forgot to translate the page.
14:39:07 [ffdarcsbot]
project: Matti J. Katila <>, fix
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19:55:48 [ffdarcsbot]
libvob: Benja Fallenstein <>, implement single checkbox component (a checkbox without a label)
20:17:36 [vmiklos]
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20:17:47 [vmiklos]
20:19:30 [vmiklos]
Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho suggested me to came here, if i have any comments about your script
20:19:46 [vmiklos]
it works fine, but i just discovered a small bug
20:19:52 [vmiklos]
if a patch has been recorded
20:19:56 [vmiklos]
then unrecorded
20:20:11 [vmiklos]
then till i don't delete manually it from _darcs/patches
20:20:14 [ibid]
hi vmiklos :)
20:20:59 [vmiklos]
the script tries to do a darcs diff --match 'hash id'
20:21:01 [ffdarcsbot]
libvob: Benja Fallenstein <>, even if ClickController handles a mouse event, pass it on to the child to see whether it wants to handle it too (then both handle it)
20:21:17 [vmiklos]
but as it's not recorded
20:21:20 [benja_]
vmiklos: I wouldn't call it a bug, but it's not neat :)
20:21:21 [vmiklos]
it will fail
20:21:35 [benja_]
it would be better to use darcs to get the set of patches
20:21:46 [vmiklos]
20:22:15 [benja_]
I asked on the darcs mailing list what was going on and with help figured out it was an unrecorded patch :)
20:22:22 [benja_]
and they recommended using darcs to get the patchset
20:22:35 [benja_]
haven't felt the need to figure it out, though
20:22:42 [vmiklos]
ofcoz this is only a small notice, if haven't known about it get
20:22:43 [benja_]
because the current way works
20:22:52 [vmiklos]
20:23:18 [benja_]
it just prints out some ugly stuff, but does the right thing ;-)
20:23:45 [vmiklos]
yes, but i debugget half an hour till i figured out that this is only a warning :)
20:23:51 [vmiklos]
20:24:02 [benja_]
sorry about that :)
20:24:31 [benja_]
'darcs changes' gives the correct set of changes
20:24:57 [vmiklos]
20:25:30 [benja_]
argh, half past 11 ... should go to bed. cu! :)
20:25:36 [ibid]
* ibid too
20:25:40 [ibid]
20:25:47 [benja_]
20:25:54 [vmiklos]
20:25:57 [vmiklos]
and thanks :)
20:26:01 [benja_]
welcome :)
20:26:04 [vmiklos]
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21:44:31 [tuukkah]
kaffe has recently started to get in infinite loop pretty often
21:51:49 [rubberpaw]
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