IRC log of fenfire on 2005-04-10

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03:12:18 [ffdarcsbot]
libvob: Benja Fallenstein <>, add treebox
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08:25:08 [tuukkah]
benja_, so, did wikipedia contradict with me or support me ?-)
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08:55:36 [mudyc_]*.png
08:56:46 [tuukkah]
the url already is cool!
08:57:17 [mudyc_]
it's for scp ;)
08:57:37 [mudyc_]
it wouldn't work for that eather
08:57:49 [tuukkah]
hmm, looks like xpdf :-)
08:58:31 [mudyc_]
no it doesn't look. it looks much worse and that's the problem
08:58:40 [tuukkah]
sometimes xpdf looks like that
08:58:43 [mudyc_]
you can not read that text even
08:58:56 [tuukkah]
I think it's when the pdf is one scanned image
08:59:12 [tuukkah]
you need anti-aliasing, right?
09:00:16 [mudyc_]
perhaps but how to make that without hardware acceleration
09:00:41 [tuukkah]
I have no idea what the best way would be, but you can certainly do anti-alias without hardware acceleration
09:01:02 [tuukkah]
even normal text in java is anti-aliased on kaffe
09:01:35 [tuukkah]
an image you can blur
09:02:06 [tuukkah]
or you can load a bigger-resolution png and do the anti-alias while scaling down
09:02:56 [mudyc_]
yeah, but the point is to make this fast and so that there's no out of memeory error
09:03:52 [tuukkah]
09:04:45 [mudyc_]
"In JDK 1.x, you cannot perform antialias automatically (you would have to write your own antialiasing routines)"
09:04:56 [tuukkah]
09:05:17 [tuukkah]
I don't think we use JDK 1.x :-)
09:06:20 [mudyc_]
1.1, or was it 1.3, is what we should base fenfire on
09:06:28 [tuukkah]
09:07:02 [mudyc_]
portability for instance and lack of open source java
09:08:09 [tuukkah]
isn't it enough if the code works on Sun's newest and newest kaffe?
09:08:38 [mudyc_]
ok, we can probably do antialising for one picture (the one that user is reading)
09:09:25 [tuukkah]
you could also try what happens if the image you load is already anti-aliased?
09:09:56 [rubberpaw]
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09:10:05 [mudyc_]
it would be even better to do
09:10:14 [mudyc_]
09:10:18 [tuukkah]
it might look good on the 1:1 zoom level
09:10:43 [tuukkah]
or it certainly would, and perhaps also on 1:2 or 2:1
09:13:43 [tuukkah]
mudyc_, where is the conversion code you use for pdf -> png?
09:16:04 [mudyc_]
sec, i push and then start fish soup
09:16:11 [mudyc_]
cooking fish soup
09:16:50 [mudyc_]
it's in fenfire repo
09:18:47 [mudyc_]
you need to run it few times before errors are out..
09:19:13 [tuukkah]
a big patch
09:25:34 [ffdarcsbot]
fenfire: Matti J. Katila <>, Add awt pdf reader
10:47:26 [tuukkah]
majukati, fenfire doesn't compile as InputStream2BlockId and ImportUtil are missing
10:56:22 [majukati]
10:56:29 [ffdarcsbot]
storm: Matti J. Katila <>, add input stream to block id util.
11:00:59 [tuukkah]
majukati, thanks
11:02:31 [majukati]
did you run out of memory?
11:03:06 [ffdarcsbot]
fenfire: Matti J. Katila <>, add import util
11:03:59 [tuukkah]
majukati, yes
11:04:09 [majukati]
try again :)
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11:04:32 [majukati]
did it convert images already?
11:04:34 [tuukkah]
I added -mx512M, but now it quits right after Loading...
11:05:37 [tuukkah]
majukati, I don't think it did. wouldn't they be in ./tmpimg?
11:06:08 [majukati]
11:06:09 [majukati]
Generating page info: vnd-storm-hash:application/pdf,tafcdwdtq4tjcgqvg3mzhvgmi3rzqj7c.szx4uolnckbl7navp37wqsvtv2mowgw6xxe5qvy
11:06:12 [majukati]
Processing ./blocktmp54600
11:06:14 [majukati]
RUNNING gs -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=png256 -r240x186 -sOutputFile=./tmpimg/2048x2048_vnd-storm-hash_-_application__pdf,tafcdwdtq4tjcgqvg3mzhvgmi3rzqj7c.szx4uolnckbl7navp37wqsvtv2mowgw6xxe5qvy-%d ./blocktmp54600
11:06:18 [majukati]
GPL Ghostscript 8.01 (2004-01-30)
11:06:19 [tuukkah]
it doesn't print anything like that
11:06:36 [tuukkah]
PDFReader:: Read file: testdata/paper.pdf
11:06:37 [tuukkah]
AWTPagePool:: size: 0
11:06:37 [tuukkah]
AWTPagePool:: size: 1
11:06:37 [tuukkah]
AWTPagePool:: size: 2
11:06:37 [tuukkah]
Got "Helvetica" for "SansSerif"
11:06:37 [tuukkah]
=0 tuukka@memento:~/darcs/ff/fenfire$
11:07:09 [majukati]
ok, try to have smaller images in ff.view.content.AWTPagePool
11:07:10 [tuukkah]
it takes a long time after printing those AWTPagePool lines
11:08:02 [tuukkah]
that was with kaffe, with sun's 1.5.0 it seems to work
11:08:09 [majukati]
11:08:26 [tuukkah]
as kaffe crashes often for me, it might have nothing to do with your code
11:08:43 [tuukkah]
great, now I can see the article
11:08:50 [tuukkah]
what controls do I have?
11:09:11 [majukati]
zoom: a/z, and nuolet liikuttaa
11:09:51 [tuukkah]
oh, they move the paper, not the view :-)
11:09:57 [majukati]
"nuolet" - what are those keys in english?
11:10:01 [tuukkah]
arrow keys
11:10:15 [majukati]
yes, that was it
11:10:33 [tuukkah]
it zooms too fast :-)
11:11:31 [majukati]
make changes to ff.demo.PDFReader if you want
11:11:42 [tuukkah]
only the first page is detailed, right?
11:11:48 [majukati]
11:12:35 [tuukkah]
if it's so fast, we can try to do the anti-alias in java code
11:13:31 [majukati]
and we still need to it only for one or two images the ones you are looking to
11:15:48 [majukati]
that was not a good line of English
11:16:09 [tuukkah]
well, I tested anti-aliasing in some image viewer, and when you anti-alias, you can read considerably smaller text
11:16:40 [tuukkah]
"and we still need to do it only for one or two images, the ones you are looking at"
11:17:04 [tuukkah]
so it was totally understandable
11:22:02 [rubberpaw]
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11:23:08 [majukati]
i still need to change that thing to use background thread and return progress meter/bar while generating pictures
11:31:13 [majukati]
2d.setRenderingHint(RenderingHints.KEY_ANTIALIASING etc. didn't help
11:32:03 [tuukkah]
where's that code?
11:33:22 [majukati]
i added to AWTPagePool:
11:33:30 [majukati]
if (i==0) {
11:33:30 [majukati]
Graphics2D g2d = imgs[ind].createGraphics();
11:33:30 [majukati]
11:33:30 [majukati]
11:33:30 [majukati]
11:34:38 [tuukkah]
I don't think it can work like that
11:34:59 [majukati]
can we give antialiasing request to gv to produce better images
11:35:00 [tuukkah]
you createGraphics, but you don't do anything with it
11:35:34 [tuukkah]
majukati, I think the idea is to create so big black-and-white images that you can scale them down with anti-aliasing
11:35:37 [majukati]
oh' that's true
11:36:35 [tuukkah]
so at the end of ImageVob, perhaps?
11:37:04 [majukati]
see ff.view.content.LobbedPagePool
11:38:00 [tuukkah]
ok, there then :-)
11:39:53 [tuukkah]
I'm trying
11:41:10 [tuukkah]
didn't change anything, I think
11:41:23 [majukati]
i got empty
11:42:33 [tuukkah]
I added this before g.drawImage: ((Graphics2D) g).setRenderingHint(RenderingHints.KEY_ANTIALIASING, RenderingHints.VALUE_ANTIALIAS_ON);
11:46:45 [majukati]
seems not to work
11:47:38 [majukati]
then we can try to use antialised images
11:47:46 [tuukkah]
yes. perhaps drawImage never uses antialias?
11:51:46 [majukati]
perhaps first use gs to create the iamge and then convert to have antialiased images
11:51:51 [tuukkah]
11:52:40 [majukati]
convert has option -antialias: """ remove pixel aliasing"""
11:52:49 [majukati]
11:52:52 [tuukkah]
11:54:56 [majukati]
you can make it work if you have time, i need to stop now. PageContentView.generateImages() is the place perhaps
12:00:29 [tuukkah]
I have other things to do too, but we'll see
14:16:16 [benja_]
RenderingHints.KEY_ANTIALIASING is for rendering geometric figures and perhaps text
14:16:40 [benja_]
I don't think you can "antialias an image"
14:17:33 [benja_]
using a different algorithm for scaling the image down would be the thing
14:18:56 [tuukkah]
yes, so how do you set it?
14:20:06 [tuukkah]
this image viewer did first some fast scaling and then enhanced the image into better scaling
14:20:46 [benja_]
image viewer?
14:24:19 [tuukkah]
that I talked about earlier, I don't know which one it is. perhaps gqview or eog
14:25:19 [rubberpaw]
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14:25:19 [benja_]
perhaps setting KEY_INTERPOLATION should work?
14:26:03 [benja_]
14:26:12 [tuukkah]
I'll try
14:26:19 [benja_]
14:26:20 [tuukkah]
what shall I set it to?
14:26:28 [benja_]
one of these two...
14:28:41 [tuukkah]
that did at least something
14:30:29 [tuukkah]
it's a bit better, but not as good as the pdf readers
14:31:19 [benja_]
how big's the b&w image?
14:40:53 [tuukkah]
2040 x 2046
14:42:38 [benja_]
14:42:54 [benja_]
perhaps that should be enough
14:42:58 [benja_]
I don't know
14:45:55 [tuukkah]
I don't understand everything in this system - it should be documented more
14:46:14 [benja_]
which system?
14:49:44 [tuukkah]
pdf -> png -> (opengl | awt)
14:50:34 [benja_]
14:59:16 [ffdarcsbot]
fenfire: Tuukka Hastrup <>, try to render images with Graphics2D INTERPOLATION_BICUBIC
15:01:43 [benja_]
well, it looks quite good to me, now
15:02:01 [benja_]
in large sizes
15:20:30 [tuukkah]
the png's are in greyscale format but black-and-white, is that intentional?
15:21:31 [tuukkah]
I can understand that it can be bad to make antialiased text and then zoom it afterwards
15:22:15 [benja_]
probably not intentional
15:22:30 [benja_]
the pages with color need to be in color format, of course
15:23:20 [tuukkah]
hmm, they are in color!
15:23:59 [tuukkah]
right, 8-bit colormap!
15:24:07 [tuukkah]
unbelievable :-)
15:25:56 [tuukkah]
already the 2040x2046 image has broken lines in letter.s b,d,a etc.
15:44:58 [tuukkah]
I tried double-resolution and it looks great at least on b&w
15:47:50 [rubberpaw]
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15:57:31 [tuukkah]
hmm, I tried to change resolution at from 72 to 144, and then the image files looked good but they couldn't be loaded
15:58:47 [tuukkah]
now with just a bigger buffer in AWTPagePool the text is somewhat better but still has these gaps
16:08:51 [tuukkah]
eog just has a better interpolation algorithm
16:38:52 [benja_]
oh well...
16:39:47 [tuukkah]
I don't understand what this number 72 is and why I can't change it
16:43:56 [benja_]
72 ... that reminds me of something ... pixels in an inch or somesuch?
16:44:05 [tuukkah]
16:44:28 [tuukkah]
but why can't it be 75 or 144?
16:45:40 [benja_]
no, it's special in some way
16:45:47 [benja_]
16:46:38 [majukati]
tuukkah: 72 is inches in screen or something
16:47:22 [tuukkah]
I though screens are normally like 15 inch or 21 inch
16:47:38 [majukati]
if you want to have bigger "textures", change AWTPagePool.sizes[]
16:47:50 [benja_]
16:47:57 [benja_]
16:47:59 [majukati]
pixels in inc, what ever ;)
16:48:15 [benja_]
but google's find says it's a bogus number ;)
16:48:50 [tuukkah]
different displays have different amount of pixels per inch, of course
16:49:08 [tuukkah]
because some monitors are bigger and sometimes you run with less resolution
16:49:08 [benja_]
anyway, it seems that the point is that 'convert' has this notion hardwired
16:49:10 [majukati]
yeah, but that thing is passed to gs
16:49:20 [benja_]
or 'gs'
16:49:42 [benja_]
PageContentView asks the size from pagePool and divides by 72 to get the number it has to pass to gs
16:49:47 [benja_]
as far as I understand
16:49:59 [tuukkah]
so gs has decided that there are 72 pixels per inch? better comment that... :-)
16:50:30 [benja_]
gs has taken it from elsewhere =-)
16:50:34 [benja_]
if my theory is correct
16:50:58 [tuukkah]
I know that changing dpi value changes how fonts look. I think we might want the fonts a bit bolder to fill those gaps
16:51:19 [majukati]
gs is run without a window so i'm quite sure that gs doesn't know how does it look in your screen
16:52:17 [tuukkah]
benja_, 72 dpi might be a "standard" as it's pretty near contemporary displays
16:52:52 [tuukkah]
majukati, that's why we need to tell it :-)
16:53:51 [benja_]
calling python from java is ugly...
16:54:16 [benja_]
if(! interp.get("cv").__call__(new PyObject[] { blah blah
16:55:57 [rubberpaw]
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17:02:04 [tuukkah]
do you mean python shouldn't be called from java?
17:02:42 [benja_]
just saying that it's ugly. -- of course you should avoid ugly things if there's no really good reason for them
17:03:34 [majukati]
and of course it's meaningles if we do just Runtime.getRuntime().exec("gs) at the end
17:04:12 [tuukkah]
heh, apple chose 72 from their first monitors, and microsoft chose 96 so fonts were more readable .-)
17:11:42 [majukati]
ok, how to continue?
17:12:34 [benja_]
17:13:29 [benja_]
majukati: it seems to me that the worst thing about it currently is the delay when starting up
17:13:39 [majukati]
yes, tuukkah's patch makes it mach more readable
17:14:03 [majukati]
17:15:11 [tuukkah]
so, a low-priority background thread
17:15:16 [majukati]
benja_: :)
17:15:18 [benja_]
so all the loading and converting should be done in the background
17:15:46 [tuukkah]
gs can be run with nice
17:18:11 [majukati]
benja_: about real problems, how to hint for the focus
17:18:35 [benja_]
how was it done in gl?
17:20:09 [majukati]
after texture is rendered it says that it has been rendered to this size, and if that size was larger than current llevel of detail pool tried to push that texture to next level of detail
17:20:37 [majukati]
s/next/next or more/
17:21:01 [majukati]
but that's not how it should work
17:21:01 [tuukkah]
this would be same place as last patch?
17:21:10 [majukati]
tuukkah: yes
17:21:15 [tuukkah]
why not?
17:21:17 [benja_]
majukati, why not?
17:22:15 [majukati]
if you have at focus something that you would really want to read - it shouldn't be so that you need to zoom in to get that readable
17:22:44 [majukati]
so how it works with gl is good but focus should always be priority
17:23:19 [tuukkah]
it seems to me that focus would be an additional feature, not reuired
17:23:25 [benja_]
I don't see the point, would making it work like GL not mean to load the best texture for the current size?
17:25:09 [majukati]
which of the pages should have the best lod (level of detail) at beginning?
17:25:56 [tuukkah]
17:25:59 [benja_]
hm, so you mean when they are all rendered the same size... ok
17:26:01 [tuukkah]
that way we're faster
17:26:16 [benja_]
or did I misunderstand =)
17:26:36 [tuukkah]
in the beginning they're all small anyway
17:27:13 [majukati]
benja_: yes, that's one thing. another may be that buoy shows something as very big thing and that's why you can not get your focus readable
17:27:49 [tuukkah]
could we check how close to screen center we are?
17:27:59 [tuukkah]
focus should be in the center?
17:28:38 [benja_]
majukati: hmm, do buoys ever have more zoom than the focus?
17:28:49 [benja_]
tuukkah: that doesn't sound good =)
17:28:56 [tuukkah]
17:29:05 [majukati]
tuukkah: i would like that ;)
17:29:22 [tuukkah]
17:29:28 [benja_]
so what if I do not want to show the focus in the center? then the whole architecture breaks down?
17:29:46 [tuukkah]
no it wouldn't
17:29:57 [tuukkah]
the user still looks in the center
17:30:16 [tuukkah]
it's a problem in your focus policy if the user doesn't look at the focus ;-)
17:30:51 [tuukkah]
and besides, we'd still check the size the image is being rendered in
17:31:53 [benja_]
right now I'm looking at the top-right corner of my screen b/c the IRC window is there
17:32:13 [benja_]
the center of my screen shows a review of the HHGTTG movie, but I'm not looking there
17:32:15 [tuukkah]
bad user interface
17:32:41 [benja_]
tuukkah: yeah right, let's not use all of the screen because the user always looks at the center
17:33:01 [tuukkah]
so if you cursor away from the movie the movie should stop playing?
17:33:19 [benja_]
tuukkah, what? it's a textual review :)
17:33:59 [tuukkah]
what ever
17:35:34 [majukati]
benja_: with fenpdf we have the problem that when you went to canvas that had pagespans the focus one didn't show up before outer ones
17:36:09 [majukati]
or actually the order was very random
17:36:22 [tuukkah]
oh, you've actually used this system and know how it's to use ;-)
17:37:11 [benja_]
I'll go to eat something
17:37:39 [benja_]
but, certainly we can figure out something so that we can use the information 'this is the focus', instead of distance from the center of the screen
17:41:32 [tuukkah]
the logbot eats colons from start of line :-/
17:41:41 [tuukkah]
(breaks my smilies)
17:59:19 [rubberpaw]
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18:09:04 [tuukkah]
would it be easy to set slower interpolation only for the last frame in animation?
18:09:28 [tuukkah]
the if is already there, just need a condition
18:10:07 [majukati]
i don't know what you mean
18:11:59 [tuukkah]
the last patch sets this interpolation option
18:12:06 [tuukkah]
but it makes the animation slower
18:12:26 [tuukkah]
text doesn't need to be so clear during animation
18:16:50 [majukati]
you mean boolean fast?
18:17:03 [majukati]
it doesn't take effect
18:17:36 [tuukkah]
I want the condition to be if (isLastFrame) { ...
18:17:56 [majukati]
if (g instanceof Graphics2D && !fast)
18:18:10 [tuukkah]
18:18:28 [majukati]
but we need to check where that boolean should be set
18:19:04 [tuukkah]
oh right, the parameter is already there :-)
18:28:03 [majukati]
DefaultVobMap.renderCS doesn't have enough parameters for that
19:23:15 [benja_]
19:24:05 [benja_]
an example for a view where the focus isn't at the center of the screen is a split window view, like in the original GZigZags, in some versions of Nile, and even in FenPDF
19:26:14 [benja_]
tomorrow is Keep It Free day
19:26:33 [majukati]
plaah, this lod-elevator isn't easy to construct in a second
19:26:57 [benja_]
19:27:23 [benja_]
are you going to go to the workshop, tomorrow?
19:27:32 [majukati]
when was it?
19:27:51 [benja_]
12:00-18:00 IIRC
19:28:24 [majukati]
i don't know yet
19:28:24 [ibid]
* ibid has a court session then :(
19:28:56 [ibid]
i would probably otherwise been one of the speakers
19:40:16 [rubberpaw]
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20:10:51 [rubberpaw]
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22:29:11 [ffdarcsbot]
fenfire: Matti J. Katila <>, Add LOD to page content system which can be controlled by float parameter
22:52:37 [rubberpaw]
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