IRC log of fenfire on 2005-04-13

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07:35:19 [majukati]
benja_: on today: -jar -javadoc -lecture notes -finish demo code
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08:10:49 [ffdarcsbot]
project: Matti J. Katila <>, pre-notes and fixes
08:41:33 [benja_]
08:41:38 [benja_]
I totally overslept
08:41:39 [benja_]
08:44:13 [benja_]
majukati, where can we find this appendix 3a
08:44:19 [majukati]
i ate already and will go next to work on rathole
08:44:27 [majukati]
08:44:47 [benja_]
majukati, no, that's only the home page of tekes ;)
08:46:15 [majukati]
i'll be going